Why Rebel Chumps (Lightsaber Reviewer) Left YouTube

Rebel Chumps discusses his reasons for discontinuing the channel in two “Saying Goodbye to the Channel” videos | IMAGE CREDIT: Rebel Chumps

Rebel Chumps unexpectedly said goodbye to YouTube in late November 2018. Rebel Chumps is a YouTube creator that posted lightsaber related content including reviews, comparisons, discussions, etc. The channel first launched in November 2015, about 3 years ago.

Life Changes
Rebel Chumps cited many reasons why he will no long produce content for the channel. First, Rebel Chumps said he has several exciting life changes on the horizon. He and his family are expecting a baby and planning on moving to Europe (they currently live in Hong Kong). Congrats to him and his family!

Running the YouTube Channel
Another reason he cited for leaving YouTube related more to running the channel and its associated social media. He said he felt pressured to constantly produce new content daily (or very frequently) and didn’t enjoy running and updating Facebook and other social media. He didn’t enjoy sacrificing some of his privacy, which is a common demand of running a YouTube channel. He also felt frustrated with YouTube for apparently not allowing him to monetize his videos (unfortunately, a common struggle for many YouTubers).

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Looking Ahead to the Future
Although he will no longer produce content for Rebel Chumps, he said he would start a brand new YouTube channel. The new channel not be specifically themed around lightsabers, but rather cover a variety of topics, including lightsaber reviews and discussion occasionally. Rebel Chumps did not state the name of the new channel or specify when he would begin adding videos to the channel.

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Rebel Chumps was a pretty prominent contributor to the lightsaber community, especially on YouTube. Sounds like ending the channel was a good decision for him, personally and professionally. I wish him well.

What do you think about the lightsaber reviewer Rebel Chumps saying goodbye to YouTube?


Rebel Chumps video “Saying goodbye to the channel. – Part 1”

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