Lightsaber Spinning: An Interview with YouTuber Darth Cephalus

If you’ve ever looked for lightsaber spinning demos or tutorials or lightsaber review videos on YouTube, chances are you’ve stumbled onto a Darth Cephalus video or two. James Kiser, who lives in Oregon, first launched the Darth Cephalus YouTube channel in 2011. “Reverse Obi/Ani light saber spin”, his earliest listed lightsaber spinning video, was posted in … Read more

Why Rebel Chumps (Lightsaber Reviewer) Left YouTube

Rebel Chumps

Rebel Chumps unexpectedly said goodbye to YouTube in late November 2018. Rebel Chumps is a YouTube creator that posted lightsaber related content including reviews, comparisons, discussions, etc. The channel first launched in November 2015, about 3 years ago. Life Changes Rebel Chumps cited many reasons why he will no long produce content for the channel. First, Rebel … Read more