Lightsaber Hilt Seller aynranfan Returns to eBay (Jeffrey Parks)

Following a two month hiatus, eBay seller aynranfan (Jeffrey Parks) [affiliate link] has returned to eBay, selling additional budget-friendly, character inspired lightsaber hilts. The aynranfan eBay account is operated by Jeffery Parks, the founder of the custom saber company Park Sabers.

The hilts, all of which are empty, range in price from $119 for a standard hilt to $219 for a premium crystal reveal hilt. Since reopening, aynranfan has increased some hilt prices from $99 to $119 and from $199 to $219. Despite the price increase, the hilts remain competitively priced and are among the most affordably priced character inspired hilts on the market.

The aynranfan lightsaber hilts, which are assembled or mostly assembled, could serve as a display piece or cosplay accessory right out of the box. The hilts could be disassembled and installed with electronics as well.

aynranfan Lightsaber Hilts on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]

COVER IMAGE aynranfan Graflex style lightsaber

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