Ultrasabers Bellicose Lightsaber Full Review | Stunt Saber Fire Orange

This is an Ultrasabers Bellicose lightsaber. One of the reasons some Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiast like the Ultrasabers Bellicose is because the hilt design bears some resemblance to the Starkiller lightsaber in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (video game). Bellicose measures about 13.5 inches long, making the hilt a suitable two-handed lightsaber.

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Bellicose is in the stunt saber configuration as features a Fire Orange blade, which gives the lightsaber a bit more of an aggressive feel. The word ‘bellicose’ means aggressively hostile or willingness to fight.

One of my favorite features of the the hilt is the slanted emitter at the top. A slanted emitter is one of those small touches that makes a hilt look more like a lightsaber than a flashlight. The hilt’s slanted emitter is also a bit reminiscent of the Graflex lightsaber emitter section, although the emitter shroud for Ultrasabers Bellicose is a bit taller.

Bellicose features a blade holder that’s a metallic silver color (Ultrasabers offers a black blade holder as well). The blade holder makes installing and removing the blade from the Bellicose hilt a bit different from many other Ultrasabers lightsabers. On many Ultrasabers lightsabers, you remove the retention screw in the emitter section in order to remove the blade. Removing the retention screw from the Bellicose allows you to remove the blade holder, which is attached to the blade, from the hilt. If you want to take the blade out of the blade holder piece, then you would remove two additional retention screws from the blade holder itself.

The overall Bellicose hilt is two-toned, balancing metallic silver elements with a black grip section and black accent grooves. The emitter section features a decorative bronze button. Ultrasabers lists a red button as the default greeblie selection, offering optional color upgrades including: green, blue, gold, bronze or chrome.

All of the grooves throughout the hilt are black, except for three small groove in the pommel. The depth, thickness, and spacing of the grooves varies. The emitter section features the widest grooves on the hilt, the activation section features three narrow and evenly spaced pinstripe grooves, while the solid black lower body section uses the deep grooves.

The solid black grip section, along with the solid black Covertec wheel, darken the tone of the overall hilt. Finally, the MHS compatible pommel boasts four u-shaped cutouts, followed by three small grooves. The flat, solid black bottom face of the pommel features sound holes as well.

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