$99 Movie Inspired Lightsaber Hilts from eBay Seller aynranfan

Ebay seller aynranfan is offering a selection of movie inspired lightsaber hilts [AFFILIATE LINK] for about $99 each, including free United States shipping. The hilts are empty and do not include a blade or electronics. The hilts could be used as display pieces, cosplay accessories, or could be installed with electronics. As of 2021, the hilts have gone up in price.

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The seller offers multiple hilt styles including: Graflex 2.0 (Skywalker), MPP 2.0 (Vader), DV6 (Vader), Darth Sidious, Obi-Wan (ANH), and Obi-Wan (Episode I). The Graflex 2.0 and Darth Sidious hilts are offered for sale individually, while the other styles are offered only in 2-3 hilt variety bundles (no substitutions). The seller is also offering a Luke ROTJ style hilt for $199.

I asked the seller who manufactured the hilts, and they replied, “I designed and manufactured them.”

The prices on these empty hilts appears to be quite good, although SaberSourcing has not yet purchased any hilts from this seller. The seller’s eBay feedback rating includes dozens of positive reviews from lightsaber buyers and no negatives as of 12/25/2018.

As with any seller, always thoroughly research the company and its feedback before buying from them.

Visit aynranfan’s lightsaber listings on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]

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