aynranfan Adds Kylo, Maul, and Sidious Lightsaber Hilt Bundle to eBay

aynranfan lightsaber bundle

Ebay seller aynranfan [affiliate link] has added a $399.99 three lightsaber hilt bundle comprised of: a Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber hilt, a Darth Maul lightsaber hilt and a Darth Sidious lightsaber hilt. All three ‘dark side’ prop hilts, which are metal, are shipped assembled. The hilts could be displayed out of the box. Alternatively, the hilts could be … Read more

Salt Lake Saber Co: Found Parts Stunt Sabers, Empty Hilts and Stands | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Salt Lake Saber Co lightsaber

Salt Lake Saber Co is a United States based custom saber company that sells its products through Etsy. The company, which is run by Blair Maynes, specializes in ‘founds parts’ style stunt sabers (light only, no sound) and empty lightsaber hilts, many of which have movie inspired designs (e.g. Vader, Skywalker, Rahm Kota, etc.). Salt Lake … Read more

Korbanth AS2, Skinnyflex and OWK3 Lightsaber Hilts | New Saber Alert

Korbanth, a United States based custom saber manufacturer, opened three new 2019 lightsaber hilts for pre-orders: AS2, Skinnyflex and OWK3. All three hilt designs are inspired by Prequel Trilogy lightsabers. AS2 is inspired by the Anakin Skywalker Episode II: Attack of the Clones lightsaber, Skinnyflex is inspired by the Anakin Skywalker Episode III: Revenge of … Read more

Movie Inspired Lightsaber Hilts from eBay seller aynranfan | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

aynranfan Graflex lightsaber

Ebay seller aynranfan [AFFILIATE LINK] is selling multiple movie inspired lightsaber hilts, including: • Graflex (Skywalker inspired) • Sidious inspired • Maul inspired • Kenobi ANH inspired • Kenobi Episode I inspired • Kylo Ren inspired (Crystal Reveal) • Skywalker ROTJ inspired (Crystal Reveal) • Vader Inspired Most of the aynranfan lightsaber hilts, which are sold assembled and empty (no … Read more

$99 Movie Inspired Lightsaber Hilts from eBay Seller aynranfan

aynranfan lightsaber hilts

Ebay seller aynranfan is offering a selection of movie inspired lightsaber hilts [AFFILIATE LINK] for about $99 each, including free United States shipping. The hilts are empty and do not include a blade or electronics. The hilts could be used as display pieces, cosplay accessories, or could be installed with electronics. As of 2021, the hilts … Read more

Movie Inspired Lightsabers by Korbanth: An Interview with Founder Randy Johnson

Korbanth Sabers lineup

Is it true that a Korbanth Graflex 2.0 lightsaber hilt appears on screen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Many observant lightsaber enthusiasts think so. Custom saber company Korbanth specializes in movie inspired lightsaber hilt kits and installed sound sabers. The company also offers some saber parts (including the new Proffieboard), costumes, helmets and even … Read more

Korbanth Sabers Launches 3 Lightsaber Hilt Kit Bundle Sale

Korbanth Sabers

Korbanth Sabers launched a pretty decent sale on bundles of 3 lightsaber hilt kits for between $450 and $500. Korbanth has held bundle sales in the past, but, at least historically, these sales do end at some point so this might be a good opportunity for you to get a good deal on some Korbanth … Read more

Solo’s Hold: Empty hilts and limited runs | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Solo's Hold custom Corran Horn lightsaber

Solo’s Hold is a United States based custom lightsaber company that specializes mainly in empty hilts. The empty hilts are often released as limited runs, sometimes micro runs, and the hilt designs will often be inspired by lightsabers from the movies or other Star Wars media. Watch Solo’s Hold: Empty hilts and limited runs (Lightsaber … Read more

Ultimate Works: Movie inspired lightsabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Ultimate Works The Lord custom saber with curved-hilt design

Ultimate Works is a Hong Kong-based custom lightsaber company that launched in 2014. Ultimate Works is primarily known for making movie inspired lightsaber hilts like The Lord, a Count Dooku inspired curved lightsaber hilt. The company releases the hilts both as empty hilts and hilts installed with light and sound. Watch Ultimate Works: Movie inspired … Read more

Ultrasabers The Guardian lightsaber hilt full review

Ultrasabers The Guardian lightsaber

This is an Ultrasabers The Guardian lightsaber hilt and the version I have here is the empty hilt, so nothing is on the inside. Ultrasabers empty hilts have open switch holes (Ultrasabers DOES NOT add dummy switches to empty hilts like Saberforge). The Guardian is (unofficially) inspired by the Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber from Star Wars Episode I … Read more