Ultrasabers The Guardian lightsaber hilt full review

This is an Ultrasabers The Guardian lightsaber hilt and the version I have here is the empty hilt, so nothing is on the inside. Ultrasabers empty hilts have open switch holes (Ultrasabers DOES NOT add dummy switches to empty hilts like Saberforge). The Guardian is (unofficially) inspired by the Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber from Star Wars Episode I and Episode II.

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The open switch hole is great if you’re planning on doing your own electronics install. Otherwise, if you intend to use The Guardian empty hilt as a display piece or cosplay accessory, you may want to install a switch or fill in the switch hole in some way, otherwise the hilt will look unfinished.

The Guardian is 13 inches long and about 1.5 inches in diameter, which is pretty large for a lightsaber hilt. Lightsaber enthusiasts commonly comment that certain Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts, including The Guardian, are quite large in size.

The pommel on The Guardian is Modular Hilt System (MHS) compatible, so you can mix and match the pommel with various pommels from The Custom Saber Shop or from Ultrasabers.

The top of the hilt, near the emitter area, features the iconic red greeblie, a thumbscrew. The lightsaber also features a brass knob with a red jewel. Additionally, the lightsaber in this review features the standard shroud, but fans of nickel plating can upgrade to a nickel-plated shroud for an additional $35.

The Guardian comes standard with a back Covertec wheel. Most mid-range to higher-end Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts come standard with a Covertec wheel (lower end Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts do not).

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