Salt Lake Saber Co: Found Parts Stunt Sabers, Empty Hilts and Stands (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

Salt Lake Saber Co is a United States based custom saber company that sells its products through Etsy. The company, which is run by Blair Maynes, specializes in ‘founds parts’ style stunt sabers (light only, no sound) and empty lightsaber hilts, many of which have movie inspired designs (e.g. Vader, Skywalker, Rahm Kota, etc.). Salt Lake Saber Co also carries a metal display stand and 7 designs of 3D printed plastic lightsaber stands. The company had previously carried lightsaber blade plugs and lightsaber related items for wedding, like a lightsaber bridal bouquet and a lightsaber cake set.

Salt Lake Saber Co’s stunt sabers, which are light-up LED lightsabers without sound, are available in six different colors: blue, green, red, purple, amber, turquoise. The stunt sabers run on 4 AAA batteries, which are included with the saber. All stunt sabers include a removable, diffused blade (dueling grade, 32 inch long, 1 inch in diameter). The stunt sabers are compatible with 1 inch diameter lightsaber blades from other custom saber companies as well. The company also offers a line of wooden grip stunts sabers, which use a “wood/polylactic acid hybrid grip” that’s comprised of 40% sawdust.

Salt Lake Saber Co does not currently sell any lightsabers with sound, although some of the company’s empty hilts could accommodate an electronics install.

Salt Lake Saber Co has received nearly 5000 sales since opening its Etsy store in 2014.

Salt Lake Saber Co Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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Salt Lake Saber Co lightsaber hilts and lightsaber stands

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