NEW Proffieboard Run: So-Cal Saber Service Opens Lightsaber Soundboard Run

Custom saber company So-Cal Saber Service (SCSS) opened a new Proffieboard group buy today on Facebook. The limited run is open to United States and Canada buyers only (Khal of the UK based KR Sabers plans to make Proffieboard available to UK and European buyers soon).

UPDATE June 2019 So-cal Saber Service Abruptly CANCELS Proffieboard Run, Promises to Issue Refunds

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The run for the popular lightsaber controller will be open for three weeks, starting today. Each board will cost $37.41, plus a flat rate of $6 for United States shipping (contact SCSS for shipping rates to Canada). A $20 deposit on each Proffie is required. Alternatively, the buyer could pay off the full price of each board, plus shipping.

Find the So-cal Saber Service Proffieboard Run on Facebook [Post and Account Deleted]

So-Cal Saber Service is offering a bulk discount for orders of 50 boards or more. So-Cal Saber Service (SCSS) has already reserved 500 Proffieboard and Randy Johnson (of Korbanth Sabers) has reserved 250 Proffieboard. A maximum of 2000 boards will be produced in the run.

The boards will be produced locally so that So-cal Saber Service can oversee production. Proffieboard released by So-Cal Saber Service will be produced on red PCB while Proffieboard released by KR Sabers will be produced on black PCB. Future Proffieboard released by the original developer Fredrik Hubinette, who oversaw the first Proffieboard release and run, will continue to be produced on green PCB. The use of different color PCBs is intended to identify and differentiate the runs and the manufacturers.

Proffieboard is a feature-rich lightsaber controller developed by Fredrik Hubinette. Notable features of the board include its open-source designation, neopixel and SmoothSwing V2 (motion algorithm) support, and its small size.

Proffieboard sold nearly 3000 boards during its introduction as a group buy in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums in 2018. Since the board’s initial release, Proffieboard has been in high demand and short supply.

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COVER IMAGE CREDIT: So-Cal Saber Service

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