Where to Buy Proffieboard Lightsaber Soundboard

Proffieboard is a new, feature-rich open source lightsaber soundboard. The board, developed by Fredrik Hubinette, is becoming very popular among lightsaber enthusiasts very quickly.

Proffieboard first launched in August 2018 with a group buy in The Rebel Armory forums (TRA). Nearly 3000 boards were sold in the group buy thread and unfortunately it’s closed to new orders at this time. Many of the group buy orders have already been fulfilled, but some order do still need to be shipped.

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So if you didn’t get in on the Proffieboard group buy, where can you buy a Proffieboard? As always, please research any company and its reputation before purchasing from them.

Here are few places you can find Proffieboard. Consider quantities of Proffieboard are currently limited and vendors sell out of the board.

Korbanth United States OUT OF STOCK (as of 1/21/2019)
Korbanth currently has a very limited supply of Proffieboard for sale. S

SaberBay (Etsy seller) United States [AFFILIATE LINK]

SaberStuff (Etsy seller) United States [AFFILIATE LINK]
SaberStuff offers a listing for Proffieboard in his Etsy store. SaberStuff has only 10 boards left in stock [as of 11/6/2018]. SaberStuff has already sold at least 17 Proffieboards, although he is a new Etsy member as of 2018 and only has two feedback comments so far.

The Saber Armory by KR Sabers United Kingdom OUT OF STOCK (as of 11/6/2018)
KR Sabers used to have Proffieboard in stock, but their inventory is wiped out, so the company is out of stock. It’s unclear when they will replenish the inventory.

SlimSaber Spain OUT OF STOCK (as of 1/21/2019)
SlimSaber has a limited supply of Proffieboard listed in their store.

Lightsaber Forums and Facebook Groups
You can also try asking around in lightsaber forums and lightsaber Facebook groups to see if anyone is willing to sell a spare Proffieboard.

Current Proffieboard scarcity is likely temporary
Proffieboard is very new. Most participants in the group buy on The Rebel Armory (TRA) have only received their Proffieboard in the past few weeks. A few buyers are still waiting on their orders.

Since Proffieboard is an open source lightsaber controller, rather than a proprietary one, other people or custom saber companies will likely start producing the board themselves.

It’s unclear exactly how soon another batch of Proffieboard will become available, whether it’s through another group buy or whether the board is produced on a more ongoing basis by one of the custom saber companies.

Proffieboard creator Fredrik Hubinette’s website

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Do you know of any other sources of Proffieboard?

COVER IMAGE: Proffieboard (IMAGE CREDIT Fredrik Hubinette)

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