Smooth Swing Lightsaber: Realistic Motion Sensitivity Technology Explained

Smooth Swing lightsaber

Smooth swing lightsaber, sometimes written as SmoothSwing lightsaber, refers to a lightsaber with extremely responsive, nuanced, realistic motion sensitivity influencing the lightsaber’s sounds. Originally developed by Thexter, a smooth swing lightsaber is much more sensitive to subtler lightsaber movements than a non-smooth swing lightsaber. Custom sabers configured as neopixel lightsabers and as in-hilt LED sabers … Read more

What is a Plug and Play lightsaber electronics kit? | Lightsaber Terminology

plug and play lightsaber kit

A Plug and Play lightsaber electronics kit is comprised of pre-wired, ready-to-install, DIY lightsaber components that may be installed in an empty lightsaber hilt with few to no tools. Using a Plug and Play lightsaber electronics kits may be an attractive option for first-time DIY lightsaber installers since the kit simplifies the electronics installation process … Read more

What is a sound font? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber sound font

A lightsaber sound font, sometimes spelled soundfont, is a compilation of sound effects installed on lightsaber soundboard. Custom sound sabers may arrive pre-loaded with 1 or more sound fonts on the soundboard. Sometimes the user may purchase and install additional sound fonts onto the board. Other times, the lightsaber is only loaded with one fixed … Read more

So-cal Saber Service Abruptly CANCELS Proffieboard Run, Promises to Issue Refunds

So-Cal Saber Service Proffieboard run cancelled

So-cal Saber Service (SCSS) announced the abrupt cancellation of its anticipated Proffieboard run, promising to refund all deposits in the coming weeks. Proffieboard is popular open source lightsaber controller known for its neopixel and SmoothSwing V2 (motion algorithm) support along with its small size. So-cal Saber Service, an established custom saber company based in California, posted … Read more

7 Chambers: Empty Hilts and FX Boards for Stunt Sabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

7 Chambers Empty hilts

7 Chambers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company that specializes in limited runs of empty hilts, many of which are character inspired in design. The company has collaborated with Phoenix Props (Germany) and Korbanth Sabers (United States) on several hilt projects. In addition to making hilts, 7 Chambers has also developed several boards … Read more

NEW Proffieboard Run: So-Cal Saber Service Opens Lightsaber Soundboard Run

Custom saber company So-Cal Saber Service (SCSS) opened a new Proffieboard group buy today on Facebook. The limited run is open to United States and Canada

The Pach Store Adds Proffieboard to Store (Limited Quantities)


The Pach Store released a limited quantity of Proffieboard in their store. Proffieboard is a open source lightsaber soundboard with neopixel support. The feature-packed board was developed by Fredrik Hubinette of Profezzorn Labs. Due to strong demand, The Pach Store’s stock of Proffieboard will likely sell out quickly. As of the posting of the article, only … Read more

Spectra V2 Blade Controller Adds Visual Effects to ‘Boring’ Stunt Saber

Spectra V2 lightsaber

Some lightsabers enthusiasts dislike stunt sabers is they are too ‘boring’. Aside from stunt sabers not using sound, most stunt sabers don’t feature any visual effects either. Installing a Spectra V2 can add some exciting visual effects to an otherwise ‘boring’ stunt saber. JQ Sabers, a custom saber company based in the United Kingdom, sells … Read more

Make It Smaller: An Interview Proffieboard Lightsaber Controller Developer Fredrik Hubinette

Proffieboard lightsaber soundboard

Proffieboard, a feature-loaded lightsaber controller, is shaking up the custom lightsaber community. Notable Proffieboard highlights include: the board’s open-source designation, neopixel and SmoothSwing V2 (motion algorithm) support, and its small size. Released in 2018, Proffieboard sold nearly 3000 boards during its initial release as a group buy in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums. SaberSourcing interviewed … Read more