What is a sound font? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber sound font

A lightsaber sound font, sometimes spelled soundfont, is a compilation of sound effects installed on lightsaber soundboard. Custom sound sabers may arrive pre-loaded with 1 or more sound fonts on the soundboard. Sometimes the user may purchase and install additional sound fonts onto the board. Other times, the lightsaber is only loaded with one fixed … Read more

Lux Sabers: Sabersmith and Soundfont Artist | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Lux Sabers Yoda lightsaber (installed)

Lux Sabers, a sabersmith and Etsy seller [AFFILIATE LINK], makes empty lightsaber hilts, installed sabers, and lightsaber sound fonts. The company, based in France, also offers additional services including: custom soundfont design, chassis design and saber installs. Lux Saber LightsabersLux Sabers is currently offering a run of Lux Sabers Yoda inspired lightsaber hilts available as an … Read more