shopDisney Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set (Galaxy’s Edge) | New Saber Alert

Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set

shopDisney launched the Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set. The set bundles together the Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Hilt with a lightsaber blade, hilt stand, and charging cable. Disney launched the lightsaber set on May 19, 2023. The set is currently available for purchase in-person at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and online on … Read more

EVERY Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber in The Black Series: A Complete Guide

Force FX lightsabers

Marketed to adult Star Wars collectors, a Hasbro Force FX lightsaber remains a common first “real” lightsaber for teens and adults. The officially licensed lightsabers, which are more realistic and expensive than than a plastic toy, feature: a character inspired metal hilt, light up blade, and realistic sound effects. Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series … Read more

High Council Sabers Yoda’s Lightsaber (Padawan Version) | New Saber Alert

High Council Sabers Yoda's Lightsaber (Padawan Version)

The High Council Sabers Yoda’s Lightsaber (Padawan Version), a custom saber, envisions lightsaber for Yoda as Jedi Padawan. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt (static display piece or electronics ready) or as installed saber (in-hilt LED sound saber or pixel saber). High Council Sabers released the hilt in early 2021. High Council Sabers … Read more

LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber Released (Buildable Promo Kit) | New Saber Alert

LEGO Yoda's lightsaber promo kit

The LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber promo kit has been unveiled. Yoda’s Lightsaber is the first ever buildable lightsaber kit released by LEGO. The kit is limited in quantity and exclusively available as a gift to LEGO VIP members who purchase the new 3,200-piece LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina set. Update: LEGO released the Mos Eisley Cantina set … Read more

Master Replicas Yoda Lightsaber .45 Scale Review (Dark Chrome) | Star Wars Mini Lightsaber

The Master Replicas Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber is a scaled prop replica based on the lightsaber Yoda wields in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005). The lightsaber, which is a dark chrome variant and a 2005 Convention Exclusive, is part of the Master Replicas .45 scale lightsaber line. The dark chrome variant … Read more

Green Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History

A green lightsaber is one of the most common lightsaber blade colors. In Star Wars Canon, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn wield a green-bladed lightsaber. In Star Wars Legends, Jacen Solo wields a green-bladed lightsaber.

Lux Sabers: Sabersmith and Soundfont Artist | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Lux Sabers Yoda lightsaber (installed)

Lux Sabers, a sabersmith and Etsy seller [AFFILIATE LINK], makes empty lightsaber hilts, installed sabers, and lightsaber sound fonts. The company, based in France, also offers additional services including: custom soundfont design, chassis design and saber installs. Lux Saber LightsabersLux Sabers is currently offering a run of Lux Sabers Yoda inspired lightsaber hilts available as an … Read more

Hasbro Yoda Force FX Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Hasbro Yoda Force FX lightsaber (Black Series)

The Hasbro Yoda Force FX lightsaber has been unveiled. The Yoda lightsaber is second lightsaber in the new Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsaber line, a series of realistic, Star Wars character lightsabers that use a real metal hilt and light up and make lightsaber sounds. Search for Hasbro The Black Series Force … Read more