EVERY Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber in The Black Series: A Complete Guide

Force FX lightsabers

Marketed to adult Star Wars collectors, a Hasbro Force FX lightsaber remains a common first “real” lightsaber for teens and adults. The officially licensed lightsabers, which are more realistic and expensive than than a plastic toy, feature: a character inspired metal hilt, light up blade, and realistic sound effects. Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series … Read more

Nahdar Vebb Lightsaber | Lightsaber Profile

The Nahdar Vebb lightsaber is a single-hilt blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb in Star Wars Canon. Nahdar Vebb is a Clone Wars era Mon Calamari male Jedi Knight. Vebb, who had trained as a Jedi under Jedi Master Kit Fisto, serves the Jedi Order and the Republic during the Clone Wars. The … Read more

Hasbro Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto Force FX Lightsabers | New Saber Alert

Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber

Hasbro unveiled two new Force FX lightsabers: Star Wars: The Black Series Asajj Ventress Force FX Lightsaber and Star Wars: The Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber. The new lightsabers are slated for release in spring of 2020. The lightsabers will join the existing Hasbro line-up of 11 Star Wars: The Black Series Force … Read more