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The Kit Fisto lightsaber is a green-bladed lightsaber capable of functioning underwater. Jedi Master Kit Fisto wields the single-bladed lightsaber during the Clone Wars until his death. Darth Sidious (Chancellor Palpatine) kills Kit Fisto, along with three other Jedi, on Coruscant following the group’s attempt to arrest the chancellor.

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The Kit Fisto lightsaber is capable of functioning underwater | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Kit Fisto, a Nautalan capable of breathing underwater, is an extremely skilled swimmer and thrives particularly in underwater combat. He modifies his green-bladed lightsaber to function when submerged in water. Fisto primarily fights using Form I of lightsaber combat, but occasionally uses Form IV as well.

The Kit Fisto lightsaber hilt, which is made from metal, is primarily metallic silver in color with two black rings below the emitter. The radiator style emitter, the widest section of the hilt, flares out of the top of the lightsaber. A series of horizontal grooves form the grip section in the lower body of the hilt. A small knob extends out of the hilt’s base.

Real Life Kit Fisto Lightsaber

Hasbro is manufacturing an officially licensed Star Wars: The Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber, slated for release in mid 2020. The realistic lightsaber, which is an adult collectible, features a metal hilt and lights up and makes sound. Hasbro had previously released the Star Wars Signature Series Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber in 2011. The 2011 model is out of production.

AMAZON Star Wars: The Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX Lightsaber affiliate link

Star Wars: The Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Hasbro


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