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The Nahdar Vebb lightsaber is a single-hilt blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb in Star Wars Canon. Nahdar Vebb is a Clone Wars era Mon Calamari male Jedi Knight. Vebb, who had trained as a Jedi under Jedi Master Kit Fisto, serves the Jedi Order and the Republic during the Clone Wars. The lightsaber joins the General Grievous lightsaber collection and is later recovered by Jedi Master Kit Fisto.

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Nahdar Vebb and the Nahdar Vebb lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Nahdar Vebb Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The Nahdar Vebb lightsaber hilt is comprised of a cylindrical hilt. The hilt is primarily metallic silver in color with black tsuba (handguard), thin and black vertical grips, and a black pommel. The Jedi lightsaber emits a blue blade.

Nahdar Vebb initially trains as a Jedi under Jedi Master Kit Fisto. He passes the Jedi Trials and becomes a Jedi Knight. During the Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb teams up with his former master Jedi Master Kit Fisto on the third moon of Vassek. The two Jedi and a group of clone troopers discover the fortress of General Grievous.

Nahdar Vebb ignites his lightsaber and engages General Grievous and three MagnaGuards in combat. After quickly cutting down the MagnaGuards, Vebb fiercely duels with Grievous. As Vebb and Grievous lock lightsaber blades, Grievous uses one of his unoccupied arms to retrieve a blaster from behind his back. The general fires three blaster bolts into Nahdar Vebb, killing the Jedi Knight. The Nahdar Vebb lightsaber joins the General Grievous lightsaber collection.

Jedi Master Kit Fisto later wields his green lightsaber against General Grievous. Grievous wields four trophy lightsabers, including the Nahdar Vebb lightsaber, against Fisto. During the skirmish, Fisto recover the Nahdar Vebb lightsaber and wields the blue-bladed lightsaber along with his green-bladed lightsaber against Grievous. Fisto escapes in a starfighter and returns to the Jedi Temple.

Behind the Scenes

The Nahdar Vebb lightsaber first appears in Star Wars Canon in “Rookies” Season 1, Episode 5 of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2013).

Image depicts Nahdar Vebb and the Nahdar lightsaber

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