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The Smuggler lightsaber is a single-hilt blue lightsaber owned by The Smuggler. The Smuggler is a Rebellion era Force-sensitive smuggler and thief in Star Wars Canon. The name of the Smuggler is unknown. The Smuggler is instrumental in creating Uprising, an insurgency movement opposing the Galactic Empire.

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The Smuggler is a playable character in the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising. The player selects the gender and species of the Smuggler at the beginning of the game.| IMAGE CREDIT Kabam/Disney

The Smuggler Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The Smuggler lightsaber hilt is comprised of a cylindrical hilt with metallic silver and dark-colored accents. The thin neck saber features a flared emitter and a gold colored neck section and activation switch. The single-hilt lightsaber emits a blue blade.

The Smuggler lightsaber is constructed by one of four Jedi who survive Order 66: Mususiel, Zubain Ankonori, Khandra or Nuhj. After the Empire hunts down and defeats the Jedi, the lightsaber is damaged. The broken lightsaber, along with other possessions, is locked in a Jedi Vault. The Smuggler, a Force-sensitive scoundrel from the planet Burnin Konn, recover and fixes the lightsaber. The Smuggler trains in the ways of the Force under Shelish and Xiath.

Behind the Scenes

The Smuggler lightsaber first appears in the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising (2015). If the player completes dark side missions in the game, the lightsaber will emit a red blade instead of a blue blade. The mobile game Star Wars: Uprising was abruptly cancelled in 2016.

Image depicts the Smuggler lightsaber

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