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The LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber promo kit has been unveiled. Yoda’s Lightsaber is the first ever buildable lightsaber kit released by LEGO. The kit is limited in quantity and exclusively available as a gift to LEGO VIP members who purchase the new 3,200-piece LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina set.

Update: LEGO released the Mos Eisley Cantina set on September 16, 2020. The Yoda’s lightsaber promo kit quickly ran out of stock on the same day. LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber kit (second hand) affiliate link

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LEGO Yoda's lightsaber kit
LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber promo kit | IMAGE CREDIT LEGO

Yoda’s lightsaber is a buildable kit comprised of 140 LEGO pieces. The kit is geared for collectors and intended as a display piece. Yoda’s lightsaber includes a complementary, buildable stand to hold the completed Yoda lightsaber replica. A special “LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Lightsaber” name plate attaches to the front of the display.

The Yoda lightsaber is the first ever buildable lightsaber kit released by LEGO. Some LEGO fan creators like Demonhunter Bricks have already been constructing and selling custom buildable LEGO lightsaber kits for several years.

Will LEGO release additional buildable lightsaber kits?

It’s unclear if LEGO will release more buildable Star Wars character lightsabers in the future. Given the initial popularity of the Yoda’s lightsaber kit, though, Star Wars collectors and would almost certainly welcome the opportunity to add more buildable lightsabers to their collection.


Image depicts LEGO Yoda’s Lightsaber promo kit

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