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The Huulik lightsaber is a single-bladed amethyst lightsaber wielded by Huulik. Huulik is a Clone Wars era male Rodian Jedi Knight in Star Wars Canon. A skilled pilot, he serves the Jedi Order and the Republic as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. Luke Skywalker acquires the Huulik lightsaber decades after Huulik’s death.

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Huulik and the Huulik lightsaber are first pictured in the book Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi (2019) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Huulik Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

The Huulik lightsaber is designed to fit the long, dexterous fingers of a Rodian and is uncomfortable in the human hand. The hilt features a matte-black finish. The Jedi lightsaber, which is equipped with multiple kyber crystals, emits an amethyst blade.

Huulik possesses the lightsaber during the Clone Wars. Huulik serves as a Jedi General during the war. A skilled pilot, he flies and fights alongside Jedi Anakin Skywalker many times during the war, including the Battle of Sedratis. During the space battle, Skywalker saves Huulik’s life.

Following the enactment of Order 66, Huulik’s own clone troopers turn on him and shoot him. The severely wounded Jedi manages to escape in a starship. He records a brief message about the ordeal and orders the astromech droid to take the ship to his homeworld, Rodia. Huulik is dead on arrival. The Rodians construct a secret Huulik mausoleum hidden in the swamps. Huulik and his lightsaber are both entombed there.

Decades later, Huulik’s niece, Taneetch Soonta, recovers the lightsaber from the tomb and gives the weapon to a young Luke Skywalker. Skywalker briefly wields the Huulik lightsaber along with the Skywalker against a ghest, an aggressive serpentine creature. Skywalker kills the predatory creature. Later, Skywalker deconstructs the Huulik lightsaber in order to learn about the weapon’s inner workings. During the process the aspiring Jedi accidentally knocks the kyber crystals out of alignment and renders the weapon useless.

Behind the Scenes

The Huulik lightsaber is first described in the novel Heir to the Jedi (2015). The Huulik lightsaber is first pictured in the reference book Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi (2019). The weapon is depicted emitting a light blue or teal blade in the image.

Image depicts Huulik and the Huulik lightsaber (left), a clone trooper (middle), and Luke Skywalker (right)

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