Master Replicas Yoda Lightsaber .45 Scale Review (Dark Chrome) | Star Wars Mini Lightsaber

The Master Replicas Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber is a scaled prop replica based on the lightsaber Yoda wields in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005). The lightsaber, which is a dark chrome variant and a 2005 Convention Exclusive, is part of the Master Replicas .45 scale lightsaber line. The dark chrome variant is one of four variants of the .45 scale Yoda lightsaber available. The other three variants are: bright chrome, gold chase, or standard.

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When you open the item’s small, black cardboard box, you’ll find brief Yoda biography on the left panel and the contents of the box, which are covered by a clear plastic shell, on the right. The contents of the box includes: the .45 scale Yoda lightsaber hilt, a certificate of authenticity, and a custom mini lightsaber stand. The stand is tailored specifically to Yoda lightsaber hilt, featuring custom sized stand pieces and a custom ‘Yoda Lightsaber’ inscription written on its base.

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The entire hilt weighs only about 1.1 ounces (about 31 grams) and is about 3 inches long and about 0.45 inches in diameter. Since the item is a scaled-down version of the diminutive Yoda lightsaber, the hilt is even smaller than most of the other scaled-down versions of other lightsabers.

The majority of the Yoda lightsaber hilt is diecast metal with an added black plastic section encircling the middle and vertical rubber grips encircling the lower section of the hilt. The base of the hilt is inscribed in small black writing with copyright info for Master Replicas and Lucasfilm.

The mysterious dark chrome finish gives the hilt a muted, tactical appearance. Despite the small size of the prop replica, Master Replicas captures many subtle details in the hilt design, including subtle intentional signs of battle damage like some small scratches in the emitter section and small dents in the rubber grips.

Search eBay for a Master Replicas Yoda Mini Lightsaber

Master Replicas produced officially licensed Star Wars lightsaber prop replicas from 2002 to 2007.

Cover image depicts a Master Replicas Yoda “mini” lightsaber

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