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shopDisney launched the Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set. The set bundles together the Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Hilt with a lightsaber blade, hilt stand, and charging cable. Disney launched the lightsaber set on May 19, 2023. The set is currently available for purchase in-person at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and online on the official shopDisney website.

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Star Wars Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set

Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Description and Observations

Yoda legacy lightsaber is comprised of a metal hilt with aluminum and zinc elements along with black plastic accents (ABS and POM). The diminutive shoto hilt, which is sized for Grand Master Yoda, measures about 7.75 inches long.

Screw in the included 29.125 inch long blade to the hilt, then press the activation switch in order make the blade light up green and initiate the movie-inspired sound effects. Note that the blade is unique to the Yoda legacy lightsaber. The blade is thinner than the standard Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber blade and is not compatible with other Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers.

The lightsaber uses a rechargeable battery, which is included. The battery is not replaceable. One of the black grip pieces slides to reveal a hidden charge port. Use the included USB-C to Mini USB cable to recharge the saber. Set also includes a vertical hilt display stand. Stand features a black, oval-shaped base. The supporting clear plastic pieces attractively display the hilt at an angle. Note that the set DOES NOT include a belt clip for cosplay purposes. That said, the hilt does not use a Covertec wheel or D-ring. That means the hilt is not compatible with belt clips unless you modify it in some capacity.

Entire set comes packaged in a dark gray case measuring 31.875 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep. Case features the rugged, cargo style aesthetic common among many of the legacy lightsabers. Open the hinged lid to reveal the lined interior. The top layer holds the hilt and stand pieces. Lift up the top layer to reveal the removable blade and charging cable beneath.

Intriguingly, the front of the case features a green Rebel Alliance starbird, the symbol of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, rather than the Jedi symbol. The green coloration of the logo matches the green blade color of Yoda’s lightsaber.

You can find the Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set on the shopDisney website. Limit 1 per guest.

Yoda Legacy Lightsaber Set Box

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