Sith Boots: A Guide to the Dark Side Warrior’s Footwear

Sith Boots are a critical piece of footwear for a dark side warrior. Unlike their Jedi counterparts, Sith Lords embrace the dark side of the Force and are driven by their anger, hate, jealously, and lust for power. Sith boots reflect the brooding demeanor and ambitions of power of their wearers.

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Description of a Classic Pair of Sith Boots

Standard Sith boots are black in color and crafted from leather or a leather-like material. Avoid rubber boots. Rubber boots may be inexpensive (and you may already have a pair at home!), but costuming organizations do not usually allow them. Rubber boots also tend to become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.

Sith boots are commonly a plain boot that rises to the calf, but not above the knee. The boots may features a either a low, flat heel or no heel at all. Avoid high heels or stilettos. Any laces or logos on the footwear should be avoided or covered up. Buckles are actually a bit more common on Jedi boots than they are on boots for Dark Lords.

Sith Boots Throughout the Star Wars Timeline

Old Republic era

At its height power, the Sith are widespread throughout the galaxy and rule over 100 planets. Many Sith Lords conquer and plunder throughout the galaxy during the Old Republic era. There is no strict standard for any of the clothing that a Sith Lord wears, including their footwear. You can find examples of Sith Lords during the Old Republic era wearing a wide variety of boot styles and colors. This Swtorista reference guide shows you the wide variety of footwear of the era. Due to the volatility of the age, some Sith choose to wear armor that extends down to their feet as well.

Creation of the Rule of Two

Old Republic era Sith infighting and greed eventually causes chaos and ultimately the destruction of the Sith Empire altogether. Although the Jedi come to believe that Sith are now extinct, Darth Bane quietly emerges as the sole surviving Sith Lord. He stays in the shadows and establishes the Rule of Two in 1000 BBY. The rule stipulates that only two Sith must exist at any time: a master and an apprentice. The pair must operate in secret to plot revenge against the Jedi and the Sith’s return to power.

Due to the establishment of the Rule of Two, there are far fewer examples of Sith boots and apparel from after 1000 BBY.

List of Sith Boots Sellers

NOTE: If you plan to join the 501st Legion, The Dark Empire, or any other costuming organization, please read their standards and requirements before buying any boots or other Sith costume items.

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