Jedi Boots: Essential Footwear for a Jedi Costume

Jedi boots are an essential cosplay footwear item, completing the look of a Jedi costume. Whether you buy or make your own custom Jedi costume, the signature tall Jedi style boots are almost always sold separately from the costume.

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Real life Jedi or Sith style boots, made from leather or faux leather, are often brown or black in color and range in price from around $50 to $350. Star Wars costumers commonly use motorcycle boots, engineer boots, riding boots, or custom cosplay specific boots as Jedi style boots. Boot styles with laces or visible zippers are generally discouraged, although some Jedi style boots use them.

NOTE: If you plan to join the Rebel Legion costuming organization, read their Jedi Costume Standards (Generic) before purchasing any Jedi boots or other Jedi costume items.

Jedi Boots in Star Wars Canon

According to Star Wars Canon, Jedi are neither issued a standard pair of boots nor required to wear a uniform. Many Jedi, however, choose to wear a similar, simple and recognizable clothing ensemble primarily consisting of: a tunic, loose-fitting pants, a wide-hooded robe, and tall boots. Jedi clothing and boots are usually tan, brown or occasionally black in color.

List of Jedi Boots Sellers (Custom Boots)

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7thavenuestore (eBay) United States
jamie674416 (eBay) United States
JediRobeAmerica (Etsy) United States
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JediRobeUK (Etsy) United States
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Image depicts cosplay boots by We Are Gladiator

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