Jedi Padawan Braid: A Long, Woven Symbol of Rank

Padawan braid

A Jedi Padawan braid is a long, woven strand of hair worn by some Jedi Apprentices (i.e. Padawans) within the Jedi Order until they ascend to the rank of Jedi Knight. The braid, typically worn over the right shoulder, denotes the rank of Jedi Padawan. After a Padawan passes the Jedi Trials, the individual ascends … Read more

Jedi Boots: Essential Footwear for a Jedi Costume

Jedi boots

Jedi boots are an essential cosplay footwear item, completing the look of a Jedi costume. Whether you buy or make your own custom Jedi costume, the signature tall Jedi style boots are almost always sold separately from the costume. Real life Jedi or Sith style boots, made from leather or faux leather, are often brown … Read more