Sith Boots: A Guide to the Dark Side Warrior’s Footwear

Sith Boots Darth Maul Kicking Obi-Wan Kenobi

Sith Boots are a critical piece of footwear for a dark side warrior. Unlike their Jedi counterparts, Sith Lords embrace the dark side of the Force and are driven by their anger, hate, jealously, and lust for power. Sith boots reflect the brooding demeanor and ambitions of power of their wearers. Description of a Classic … Read more

Sith Mask: 6 Nightmarish Masks from the Dark Side

Sith mask

A Sith mask is an object worn over the face of over some Sith. Some Sith wear masks during the Jedi Civil War in the Old Republic era. Famous Sith masks include: the Revan mask, Sith Acolyte mask, Darth Nihilus mask, Darth Krayt mask. Some Sith begin wearing a mask following an injury, while other … Read more

Sith Robes: The Complete Guide to Dark Side Apparel

Sith robes from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Sith robes, which may be black, are a type of loose-fitting clothing worn by some Sith Lords in Star Wars. Sith robes are similar Jedi robes, the traditional, monk-link clothing worn by some Jedi. Like their light side Jedi counterparts, Sith do not require a specific dress code for dark side Force users. Sith and … Read more