Sith Robes: The Complete Guide to Dark Side Apparel

Sith robes, which may be black, are a type of loose-fitting clothing worn by some Sith Lords in Star Wars. Sith robes are similar Jedi robes, the traditional, monk-link clothing worn by some Jedi. Like their light side Jedi counterparts, Sith do not require a specific dress code for dark side Force users.

Sith and other dark side Force users may wear a variety of clothing items, armor, and sometimes masks or helmets. Some Sith Lords wear extremely distinctive and identifiable clothing reflective of their personality (e.g. Darth Vader).

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Sith robes from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Officially licensed Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Black Tunic (left) and Black Robe (right) | IMAGE CREDIT ShopDisney

Real Life Sith Robes, Costumes and Apparel

Some Star Wars fans may sew and customize their own Sith robes. Many fans purchase parts or all of a Sith costume. As with Jedi costumes, three companies currently offer officially licensed Sith costumes:
Rubies makes low end Halloween costumes for adults, children and pets (!!)
Denuo Novo makes high end Star Wars costumes the could include Sith costumes.
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge offers midrange black tunics, black robes, and a Dark Side Belt. The apparel is typically only available at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, although the items were briefly sold on the shopDisney website in late 2020.

NOTE: If you plan to join the 501st Legion (costuming organization), read their costume guide before making or purchasing Sith robes, apparel, footwear, belt, etc.

Typical Sith Robes in Star Wars Canon

Sith Lords do not adhere to a specific dress code. As counterparts to Jedi, some Sith Lords wear similar clothing to Jedi. Additionally, an ensemble of Sith or Dark Jedi clothing may include: an undertunic, overtunic, and a tabard tucked into a wide sash (obi) worn around the waist. A leather belt attaches over the sash. Finally, tall, sturdy Sith boots complete the look. Some Sith wear a cape instead of a robe (e.g. Darth Vader, County Dooku/Darth Tyranus).

Sith apparel commonly uses black and dark shades denoting the dark side allegiance of the individual. Some Sith and dark side adepts are former Jedi who fall to the dark side. These dark side converts may choose to wear similar fitting clothing as Jedi apparel, albeit sometimes in darker color tones. By contrast, ancient Sith wear apparel in bright and vibrant colors.

List of Sith Robe Sellers

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For a more detailed list, visit the List of Jedi and Sith Costume Sellers.

Behind the Scenes

The dark side Sith serve as counterparts of the light side Jedi. As two side of the same coin, Jedi and Sith may wear similar robes and apparel. Sith commonly wear black and darker colors than Jedi. Jedi commonly wear brown, tan and earth tones.

Not all Jedi wear lighter colors, though. Anakin Skywalker chooses to wear darker robes than many Jedi of his era. He famously and tragically falls to the dark side, however. Take that for what it’s worth.

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