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The Elder lightsabers are a pair of two short-bladed red lightsabers wielded by The Elder. The Elder is a dark side adept and possibly former Sith in the non-canon Star Wars: Visions (2021) series. The katana style lightsabers feature a flat, sword-like lightsaber blade. He duels Jedi Padawan Dan G’vash and his Jedi Master Tajin Crosser on the planet Habo.

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The Elder Lightsabers
A mysterious individual The Elder wields two red lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm

The Elder Lightsabers in Star Wars Visions

The Elder lightsabers are a set of identical short-bladed lightsabers that emit red blades. Each lightsaber is comprised of a dark handle with a flared tsuba (handguard) in the emitter section. A white wrap extends around the middle of each hilt and is tied off in the lower part of the hilt. A short piece of the wrap fabric hangs off the lower hilt. Each red blade features a flat, sword-like shape with a pointed tip. During combat, the Elder grips each lightsaber high on the hilt just below the tsuba.

The Elder is a mysterious old man who eventually arrives on the Outer Rim Planet Habo. Feel a disturbance in the Force, Jedi Master Tajin Crosser and his Padawan Dan G’vash journey to the planet to investigate.

The Elder encounters G’vash and extends his two short-bladed lightsabers and the Padwan ignites his blue lightsaber. He and the Padawan engage in the lightsaber duel. The Elder defeats the Padawan. Crosser arrives and The Elder remarks, “It’s been awhile since I’ve come across an opponent so strong in the Force.” The mysterious old man ignites his pair of lightsabers once more while Crosser ignites his green lightsaber. He and Jedi Master duel in the rain.

Crosser eventually manages to cut through one of the lightsabers. Down to one lightsaber, The Elder hurls Force lightning at the Jedi Master using his free hand. The pair become deadlocked: the Elder extends Force lightning toward the Jedi Master while Crosser absorbs the energy with his green lightsaber blade.

G’vash’s blue lightsaber whizzes through the air toward the old man. He deflects the blue lightsaber, but loses his concentration. Crosser extinguishes his blade, lunges toward The Elder, and re-ignites the blade in The Elder’s chest before the dark side adept could react.

As Crosser runs to aid his injured Padawan, the Elder collapses and presses a button to destroy his ship along with any clues about his background and origins. “If I’d fought [The Elder] in his prime, the results may have been much different,” Crosser tells G’vash. “He couldn’t win against the weakness of age. No matter how powerful you become,” he says, “know it will not last forever.” The Elder dies sometime between 832 BBY and 32 BBY.

Behind the Scenes

The Elder lightsabers first appear in “The Elder”, a short film in the Star Wars: Visions series (2021). Visions is not part of Star Wars Canon. The Elder lightsaber blades exhibit a solid red core with a thin white outline. Lightsabers more commonly exhibit a white core with a thin color (e.g. red) outline. The inverse color arrangement of The Elder lightsabers creates a bold red color and clearly defined edges to accentuate the flat, sword-like design of the blade.

Each Elder lightsaber features a katana-like design. Due to the shorter blade length of the dual lightsabers, the Elder lightsabers resemble Wakizashi, a samurai sword shorter than a katana and longer than a tanto.

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