KR Sabers Darth Vader DV6 ROTJ Blade Plug Full review

The KR Sabers Darth Vader DV6 ROTJ Blade Plug is available in 1 inch diameter or 7/8 inch diameter.  You can purchase the blade from KR Sabers directly or from The Custom Saber Shop. KR Saber is based in the UK and The Custom Saber Shop is based in the United States, so you may want to purchase the blade plug from whichever company is closer to you.

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The Darth Vader DV6 ROTJ Blade Plug is designed to be used with a Darth Vader Return of the Jedi style lightsaber. Many lightsaber enthusiasts with use the blade plug with a Korbanth DV6 Lightsaber, although the blade plug can be used with other lightsaber hilts as well.

The lightsaber blade plug features an anodized blade aluminum housing in the center, secured in place by a layer of glue (the glue is not visible when the blade plug is installed in the hilt). The cylindrical, protruding pin in the middle is made of steel. The outer blade plug tube is polycarbonate. I purchased the blade plug from The Custom Saber Shop and received a blade plug with a clear polycarbonate tube. The tube on the KR Sabers website looks more frosted in the photo, so there may be two versions of the blade plug.

The standard length of the blade plug is 1.5 inches, which should work with most lightsabers. If you purchase the blade plug directly from KR Sabers, the company does offer custom blade plug lengths.

When the DV6 Blade Plug is installed in a lightsaber and you turn the lightsaber on, an outer ring of the polycarbonate illuminates in the color of the LED. Overall, it’s a pretty basic Darth Vader style blade plug with a nice, clean look.

KR Sabers Darth Vader DV6 ROTJ blade plug
KR Sabers Darth Vader DV6 ROTJ (for lightsabers)

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