Korbanth MPP 2.0 vs Korbanth DV6 lightsaber

Let’s compare a Korbanth MPP 2.0 Hilt Kit and a Korbanth DV6 Hilt Kit. Both kits are inspired by Darth Vader lightsaber hilts. If you think of a Darth Vader lightsaber hilt, an MPP 2.0 style of hilt probably comes to mind first. The DV6 style lightsaber hilt was much less commonly used. DV6 was inspired by the Darth Vader Return of the Jedi lightsaber and used a Graflex flashgun, just like the blue-bladed Skywalker lightsaber.

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The emitter area is the most distinctive difference between the MPP 2.0 and DV6. The MPP 2.0 uses a slanted emitter shroud while DV6 uses more of a curved slanted emitter. Also, the emitter shroud on MPP 2.0 is solid black, while the emitter portion on DV6 is metallic, although Korbanth suggests powder coating or painting the emitter portion black to make the DV6 hilt more screen accurate.

The DV6 saber uses bolts above the activation box area while MPP 2.0 does not. Both the DV6 and MPP 2.0 hilts have an activation box. MPP 2.0 uses a bubble strip while DV6 uses a circuit board piece instead.

The grip section on the two hilts is quite similar.  The positioning of a lot of the elements on the hilt is also very similar. For example, the T-track grips, activation box, and emitter area all line up on the two hilt. Both DV6 and MPP 2.0 use a D-ring in the emitter area, but the style of the D-ring differs a bit.

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Do you prefer the Korbanth MPP 2.0 hilt or DV6 hilt?

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