Lightsaber Hilt Pommel Types: Solid, Vented, Sound Holes (Lightsaber Terminology)

The three most common types of lightsaber hilt pommels are: solid pommel, vented pommel, and pommel with sound holes.

The pommels featured in the article include (left to right): Ultrasabers solid pommel, Ultrasabers vented pommel, The Custom Saber Shop MPS Pommel style 10, The Custom Saber Shop Pommel style 4.

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Solid Pommel
Solid pommels can be used with stunt sabers (no sound) or empty hilts. Solid pommels should not be used with sound sabers. Since the speaker on sound sabers is located just inside the pommel, a solid pommel would block muffle too much of the sound. Blocking the sound could also potentially damage the speaker.

Vented Pommel
A vented pommel (sometimes called open pommel) is intended to be used with a sound saber. The hole or holes in a vented pommel allow the sound from the speaker. Some vented pommels use a wide, open space.

Some lightsaber companies will use vented pommels on all of the lightsabers, even on empty hilts and stunt sabers. Using vented pommels on all of the company’s lightsabers means the company only needs to manufacture one style of pommel instead of two. Also, a vented pommel doesn’t do any harm an empty hilt or stunt saber.

Many vented pommels from The Custom Saber Shop can accommodate a pommel insert. A pommel insert is a thin, circular piece that can be attached to the bottom of many pommels from The Custom Saber Shop. Many pommel inserts have sound holes, but some are solid.

Pommel with Sound Holes
Some lightsaber hilt pommel designs incorporate multiple sound holes into the pommel itself, like The Custom Saber Shop Pommel Style 4.

Sound Hole Size Matters
A vented pommel or pommel with sound holes needs to have large enough space for the sound to leave the hilt. If a pommel uses vents or sound holes that are too small, then sound may get muffled.

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