Ultrasabers X Blade Plug and US blade plug Full review

Custom saber manufacturer Ultrasabers made an ‘X’ lightsaber blade plug and a ‘US’ lightsaber blade plug. Both designs appear to be retired or, at the very least, Ultrasabers has not sold either of these blade plugs on their website in many months. Some viewers have reported receiving the ‘US’ blade plug during an Ultrasabers “Free Random Blade Plug” promotion. I also received one of the ‘US’ blade plugs as one of the free blade plugs. I have not received one of the ‘X’ blade plugs recently, so feel free to post a comment if you’ve received one recently.

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Both the ‘X’ blade plug and the ‘US’ blade plug have a pattern in the center (i.e. either the ‘X’ or ‘US’). If you look at either of the blade plugs while they’re installed in the saber, you see either the ‘X’ or the ‘US’, but it doesn’t look that way when you shine the lightsaber hilt to the wall or to the floor–the pattern does not carry over. That’s maybe one of the reasons why Ultrasabers does not sell these two blade plug designs anymore or possibly these designs didn’t sell as well as the other two blade plugs that Ultrasabers sells (Circle Blade Plug and Standard Blade Plug).

On the ‘X’ blade plug, the ‘X’ portion of the is metal with light holes surrounded by black plastic with a border of light holes around the edge. On the ‘US’ blade plug has a the same black plastic, but border of light holes is metal while the the center ‘US’ is made out of the small light holes. By the way, ‘US’ stands for ‘Ultrasabers’ and not ‘United States’, although it could stand for whatever you want it to.

What do you think of the Ultrasabers ‘X’ blade plug and ‘US’ blade plug? Which blade plug designs have you received from Ultrasabers during one of their “Free Random Blade Plug” promos?

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