Ultrasabers Circle Blade Plug review

The Ultrasabers Circle Blade Plug is currently one of two lightsaber blade plug designs that Ultrasabers is actively selling on their website. Ultrasabers had previously offered four blade plug designs in the past, but the other two–X blade plug and US blade plug–are no longer for sale on the Ultrasabers website. The other active design on the Ultrasabers website is the Standard Blade Plug.

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What’s nice about the Ultrasaber Circle Blade Plug design is it’s dual tone with some black and also some reflective metallic elements. The blade plug also features a ring of attractive light holes in the center encircled by an outer ring of light holes. The design complements many saber designs.

The Ultrasabers Circle Blade Plug is a $9 blade plug on the Ultrasabers website at the moment, which is $3 more than Ultrasabers Standard Blade Plug. As far as blade plugs go, the $9 price point is very reasonable.

It is a one inch diameter┬áblade plug because all Ultrasabers lightsaber accommodate one inch diameter lightsaber blades and blade plugs. You don’t have any options for the length of the blade plug–there’s just this one length available and that’s just a little over two inches long. The blade plug is made out an opaque plastic.
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How do you like the design of the Ultrasabers Circle Blade Plug? What’s your favorite blade plug design?

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