Is buying a lightsaber a waste of money?

Is buying a lightsaber a waste of money? This topic came to mind because a YouTube viewer recently posted in a comment in one of my videos implying that buying a lightsaber is a waste of money. He didn’t specifically write ‘waste of money’, but he did say something about being able to spend your money in better way, like spending it on something practical.

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It’s fair to argue that someone could spend money in ‘a better way’, but we quickly enter into the slippery slope of what is practical to buy. Unless you’re in dire poverty, most people have at least a little bit of disposable income and people have lots of different ways that they spend their money. People have lots of different opinions on what they consider ‘wasting money’ as well. Do lightsabers make the list? Is it a waste of money to buy a lightsaber? Are there certain cases when buying a lightsaber is a waste of money and other cases where it is not?

I bet most of you reading this could at least come up with some specific situations when it would be a waste of money to buy a lightsaber. For example, it would be waste of money to buy a lightsaber if you can’t buy food.

There are other examples that delve into more a gray area. For example, if I buy this Space Sword and it costs two or three dollars from Walmart and breaks in the first day because its cheaply made, then did I waste my money? On the other hand, maybe I would feel like I got two or three dollars worth of entertainment out of the Space Sword before it broke. How about if someone spends $50 or $60 on a cheap metal lightsaber that’s probably going to break in a few months or a year? Also, do a lightsaber need to actually function in order to not be a waste of money? If I just purchase a lightsaber that’s going to sit on my shelf, like this Roman Props MK1 static hilt (cannot accommodate electronics) is that a waste of money?

Most of us have, or should have, some kind of spending limits. I’m not spending $5,000 on a lightsaber any time soon, let alone $1000, but that’s me. Maybe some of you will spend a $1000 on a lightsaber, which is fine, if that’s what you want and are able to do. I don’t know a person’s individual situation so I can’t judge.

Is buying a lightsaber a waste of money? In which situations could it be a waste of money to buy a lightsaber?

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