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What is a cane lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A cane lightsaber, sometimes called a sabercane or lightsaber cane, is a cane or walking stick containing a hidden lightsaber. In Star Wars canon, Maul and the Jedi Tera Sinube each used a cane lightsaber.

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Cane Lightsaber as a Real Life Mobility Aid
Some lightsaber enthusiasts have designed functional cane lightsabers as mobility aids for elderly, injured or disabled users. Many of the cane lightsabers are developed as a DIY project or custom commission from a sabersmith.

A benefit of using a cane lightsaber as a mobility aid is the cane empowers the user to take charge of their public image. Instead of receiving typical pitying looks from strangers for using an ordinary cane, a lightsaber cane user increases the likelihood of receiving positive and desired attention for their ‘cool’ and ‘nerdy’ and ‘quirky’ cane.

Some custom cane lightsabers are fully functional lightsabers with lights and sound. Other custom cane lightsabers simply attach a decorative lightsaber hilt to a standard cane (no lights or sound). Goblinsworkshop, a United States based Etsy store, sells lightsaber canes (no light or sound).

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The Proplicator commissioned a custom lightsaber cane from Wild Space Outpost for his father in law.

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