Sith Mask: 6 Nightmarish Masks from the Dark Side

A Sith mask is an object worn over the face of over some Sith. Some Sith wear masks during the Jedi Civil War in the Old Republic era. Famous Sith masks include: the Revan mask, Sith Acolyte mask, Darth Nihilus mask, Darth Krayt mask.

Some Sith begin wearing a mask following an injury, while other begin wearing a mask simply by choice. The mask serves multiple functions including: protecting and disguising the wearer, frightening enemies, showing the wearer’s personality and allegiance, and blocking outside distractions in order to enhance the wearer’s focus. A mask may also symbolize the individual’s detachment, lack of empathy, and abandonment of their former life. But more than anything…Sith masks are just cool.

Let’s explore a selection of custom wearable Sith masks for cosplay or display.

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1. LionsDenDC Sith Acolyte Mask


LionsDenDC creates a weathered, SWTOR Sith Acolyte mask from cold cast aluminum and a heavy urethane resin. Foam padding and a two point strap make the object wearable for cosplay. LionDenDC hand paints the finishing touches with brush and airbrush. The company also makes custom Jedi Temple Guard masks, a Mandalorian Helmet, and cosplay armor in the style of Jedi, Sith or Mandalorians.

LionsDenDC Sith Acolyte Mask

2. DantesWorkshop Nihilus Mask


DantesWorkshop makes a custom, 1:1 scale Nihilus mask using an enclosed precision 3D printer. The company prints the masks vertically from PLA filament before sanding, priming, painting and adding finishing details to the mask. Nihilus mask comes in two color schemes: white with red, silver and black accents or black with gold accents. The company makes additional pop culture inspired props including a Revenant mask and Ash mask (both inspired by Apex Legends) and a Terminator inspired metal arm.

DantesWorkshop Nihilus Mask

3. Bigwater99 Revan and Sith Acolyte Masks


Bigwater99 makes several Sith masks including a Revan mask and two different styles of Sith Acolyte mask. Each fiberglass masks use a three point strap system with a flexible strap (like a hockey mask). The company also makes an assortment of helmets including: Mandalorian helmets, Republic Commando helmets, and an Asajj Ventress helmet.

Bigwater99 Revan and Sith Acolyte Masks

4. OverkillStrategy Darth Malgus Rebreather Costume Mask


OverkillStrategy makes a Darth Malgus Rebreather Costume Mask. Mask is 3D printed from PLA plastic and painted. Although the default color scheme is carbon-fiber black with silver and red accents, the company also allows you to choose your own custom color scheme. OverkillStrategy makes an illuminated version and non-illuminated.

Mask, which is foam-lined, is equipped with a 4-point harness with elastic bands. Comes in sizes ranging from Kid Size up to Extra Large (see the listing for sizing details). Company also offers a Jedi Temple Guard mask, Mandalorian Helmets, and other Star Wars inspired creations.

OverkillStrategy Darth Malgus Rebreather Costume Mask

5. Alex3dstudio Sith Acolyte Mask (Various Colors)


Alex3dstudio creates a custom 3D printed Sith Acolyte mask. The company hand paints and varnishes the masks in various colors including: red, gold, white, blue, green, and purple (other colors may be available upon request). Elastic straps attach to the inside of the mask. Alex3dstudio also makes Jedi Temple Guard masks and a Revan mask with a battle damaged finish.

Note that the seller is based in Ukraine and states that “[D]ue to the military situation in Ukraine parsels are delivered more slowly then usual. I can not affect the speed of delivery, but I value each customer and the reputation of my store, So all orders are sent first class with priority.”

Alex3dstudio Sith Acolyte Masks

6. XCOSER Cosplay Revan Mask and Sith Acolyte Mask


XCOSER Cosplay makes a custom Revan Mask and Sith Acolyte mask. Each mask features padding and straps for wearing the mask. XCOSER makes variety of other custom Star Wars inspired helmets, costumes and accessories as well.

There’s more where that came from! Search for additional Sith masks and helmets on Etsy.

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