Sith Robes: The Complete Guide to Dark Side Apparel

Sith robes from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Sith robes, which may be black, are a type of loose-fitting clothing worn by some Sith Lords in Star Wars. Sith robes are similar Jedi robes, the traditional, monk-link clothing worn by some Jedi. Like their light side Jedi counterparts, Sith do not require a specific dress code for dark side Force users. Sith and … Read more

Jedi Robes: A Guide to Traditional Jedi Clothing

Jedi robes from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Jedi robes are a set of traditional, loose-fitting clothing worn by Jedi. The unassuming, monk-like clothing items are often tan or brown in color. Although many Jedi elect to wear traditional Jedi robes, the Jedi Order does not mandate a specific dress code. Some Jedi, like Aayla Secura, eschew traditional Jedi robes and wear different … Read more