Lux Sabers: Sabersmith and Soundfont Artist (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

Lux Sabers, a sabersmith and Etsy seller [AFFILIATE LINK], makes empty lightsaber hilts, installed sabers, and lightsaber soundfonts. The company, based in France, also offers additional services including: custom soundfont design, chassis design and saber installs.

Lux Saber Lightsabers
Lux Sabers is currently offering a run of Lux Sabers Yoda inspired lightsaber hilts available as an empty hilt, a hilt installed with Nano Biscotte V4 board or a hilt installed with Prizm board. Lux Sabers had previously offered a Corran Horn Custom Lightsaber made from a real motorcycle handle. He is currently developing a new Corran Horn V2 hilt design, slightly bigger than the last one, and plans to open the Corran Horn V2 run in early 2019.

Discontinued 2017-2018 Lux Sabers Corran Horn Lightsaber  (made from a real motorcycle handle) | IMAGE CREDIT Lux Sabers

Lux Saber Lightsaber Soundfonts

Lux Sabers soundfonts are available for purchase on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK] and on Saberfont. His soundfont library includes several science fiction soundfonts inspired by franchises like Alien, Mass Effect, and Stargate.

Possible Future Projects
Lux Sabers is currently developing a scaly Giger Alien inspired lightsaber (it would be die cast and not machined). “I hope this project will happen,” the company wrote on Facebook.

Lux Sabers Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

Lux Sabers on Facebook

Lux Sabers on Saberfont

Lux Sabers Yoda Lightsaber 1:1 Scale

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