Lux Sabers Yoda lightsaber (installed)

Lux Sabers: Sabersmith and Soundfont Artist | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Lux Sabers, a sabersmith and Etsy seller [AFFILIATE LINK], makes empty lightsaber hilts, installed sabers, and lightsaber sound fonts. The company, based in France, also offers additional services including: custom soundfont design, chassis design and saber installs.

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Lux Saber Lightsabers
Lux Sabers is currently offering a run of Lux Sabers Yoda inspired lightsaber hilts available as an empty hilt, a hilt installed with Nano Biscotte V4 board or a hilt installed with Prizm board. Lux Sabers had previously offered a Corran Horn Custom Lightsaber made from a real motorcycle handle. He is currently developing a new Corran Horn V2 hilt design, slightly bigger than the last one, and plans to open the Corran Horn V2 run in early 2019.

Lux Sabers Corran Horn lightsaber
Discontinued 2017-2018 Lux Sabers Corran Horn Lightsaber  (made from a real motorcycle handle) | IMAGE CREDIT Lux Sabers

Lux Saber Lightsaber Soundfonts
Lux Sabers soundfonts are available for purchase on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK] and on Saberfont. His soundfont library includes several science fiction soundfonts inspired by franchises like Alien, Mass Effect, and Stargate.

Possible Future Projects
Lux Sabers is currently developing a scaly Giger Alien inspired lightsaber (it would be die cast and not machined). “I hope this project will happen,” the company wrote on Facebook.

Lux Sabers Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

Lux Sabers on Facebook

Lux Sabers on Saberfont

Lux Sabers Yoda Lightsaber 1:1 Scale

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