6 Common Slang Terms for a Lightsaber (Lightsaber Terminology)

From ‘flashlight’ to ‘life saver’, sometimes people refer to a lightsaber using a different name. Let’s take a look at 6 slang terms for a lightsaber. Can you guess all 6?

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1. life saver
People usually refer to a lightsaber as a ‘life saver’ by mistake because the two terms sound so similar. Granted, a properly wielded lightsaber could easily a be a ‘life saver’ for somebody, but the elegant weapon could just as easily be a ‘life taker’, too.

2. flashlight
Sometimes people refer a lightsaber as a ‘flashlight’ because lightsabers, especially those using in-hilt LEDs, pretty much are glorified flashlights with light and sometimes sound. Some lightsabers enthusiasts have actually made custom lightsabers out of Maglite flashlights as well.

3. pepper shaker / pepper grinder
Some specific lightsaber hilts, especially curvier ones, bear a passing resemblance to a pepper shaker. Underground Toys (formerly Pangea Brands) makes actual, functional lightsaber salt and pepper shakers.
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4. glow stick
Let’s face it, a lightsaber pretty much is glow stick. The cylindrical shape of a lightsaber more closely resembles a stick than saber or sword. Actual glow sticks are a self-contained, short-term light sources often used at parties and by law enforcement. An Etsy seller sells 3D printed lightsaber hilt handles for glow sticks [AFFILIATE LINK]. Multiple online tutorials also give directions on making lightsaber glow sticks.

5. dumbbell
If someone refers to a lightsabers as a ‘dumbbell’, it’s almost always a derogatory jab at the lightsaber hilt’s clunky appearance. A so-called ‘dumbbell’ lightsaber will be widest both at the emitter area and pommel area, making the hilt resemble a dumbbell. The LEGO lightsaber is one of the most famous ‘dumbbell’ lightsabers.

6. laser sword
Although some Star Wars fans find it irritating to hear someone refer a lightsaber as a ‘laser sword’, the slang term is part of Star Wars canon. Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker both refer to a lightsaber at one point as a ‘laser sword’, in The Phantom Menace and The Last Jedi, respectively. Companies that manufacture unlicensed knockoff lightsaber toys often name their products ‘laser swords’ as well.

Final Thoughts
Yes, there are also a few additional X-rated slang terms for a lightsaber. We’ll leave those up to your imagination.

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