What is a sound font? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber sound font

A lightsaber sound font, sometimes spelled soundfont, is a compilation of sound effects installed on lightsaber soundboard. Custom sound sabers may arrive pre-loaded with 1 or more sound fonts on the soundboard. Sometimes the user may purchase and install additional sound fonts onto the board. Other times, the lightsaber is only loaded with one fixed … Read more

Snap-Hiss: 8 Most Common Types of Lightsaber Sounds

Darth Vader in the Death Star corridor

Lightsabers don’t make just one sound, they make many different sounds depending on the situation. Collectively called a sound font, the series of sounds made by a lightsaber adds richness, depth and personality to the elegant weapon. Some lightsaber sounds are activated manually by pressing a button on the lightsaber hilt (e.g. ignition or lockup), while … Read more

Lightsaber Ignition and Hum: An Interview with KSith (Sound Font Artist)

KSith sound font

Every lightsaber sound font tells a story. Each snap-hiss, hum, clash, and crackle reflects the personality of the lightsaber and its wielder. KSith is among the most prolific lightsaber sound font artists in the custom saber industry. His sound fonts are included with several Pach Store lightsabers as well as Sabertrio’s neopixel lightsaber line. KSith … Read more

Pach Store Sanken 2 Crossguard Saber sound font demo

Pach Store Sanken 2 sound font

The Sanken 2 Crossguard Saber, from Pach Store, features a standard arsenal of lightsaber sounds including: turning on sound, turning off sound, idle hum, swing sounds, lockup sound (activated by tapping the button twice), and clash sounds (upon impact with something). You can also access a mute function by holding the button for a few … Read more