Lightsaber Ignition and Hum: An Interview with KSith (Sound Font Artist)

Every lightsaber sound font tells a story. Each snap-hiss, hum, clash, and crackle reflects the personality of the lightsaber and its wielder. KSith is among the most prolific lightsaber sound font artists in the custom saber industry. His sound fonts are included with several Pach Store lightsabers as well as Sabertrio’s neopixel lightsaber line. KSith sound fonts are also sold individually on

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SaberSourcing interviewed KSith Saber Fonts (Kiennen Schade) about his lightsaber sound fonts.

How did you become interested in designing sound fonts?
The lightsaber sound has always intrigued me and was an icon sound I always remembered as a child. When I first found out about the community, I found fonts made by other artists and they were really good, but there were things I would have done differently. I have music production and audio experience so I took it to myself to add those things for myself. I then started sourcing and creating my own sounds based on things I wanted to hear!

How did you select the name KSith?
That was actually a tough one. I was torn between a “pen name” and just a standard name. KS Fonts was an early idea. I ultimately chose KSith because it was easy to say, and it shows my draw to the dark side as a font maker!

Can you describe your creative process behind designing a new sound font?
This varies from font to font. To me, it all starts with the ignition and hum! I have folders packed with unused ignitions that have been made for various projects. Many times I just start making sounds and save them for inspiration later. Just going through sounds in my library and finding cool ways to mix them and create something all new and never heard before is so much fun.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts about designing a new sound font?
The most challenging part is definitely finalizing it and mixing the hum for Plecter fonts. It’s time consuming and there are ~50 sounds to do that for. My method has me mixing each sound individually.

The most rewarding part is finishing up the reveal video and seeing the reaction from everyone! I’m very fortunate to have people very passionate about sounds and who enjoy my work.

What are some of your favorite sound fonts and why? Is there a certain type of sound you especially enjoy?
My favorite sound fonts are most all dark side. I love a deep droning hum sound and powerful ignitions.

Some of my favorite fonts from others are
-Nightfall by Lord Blako (Stock CF font)
-Ruiner by Shameem
-Lesson of Betrayal by Fourzze
-TFA Graflex by Lord Blako (light side I know)

What are some memorable reactions you’ve received from lightsaber enthusiasts after hearing one of your sound fonts?
One of the best reactions to a font in recent memory was “Supreme Leader.” It came out pretty secretive and was a surprise to everyone. Many people loved the the dark and powerful sound.

What advice would you give someone who wants to create their own lightsaber sound font?
Have a friend to help you test! Designing a font is a fun but difficult experience. Having prior knowledge in sound editing can help. Really all you need is Audacity and to find some sounds you like for starters! Having outside feedback is a huge help.

What’s your favorite lightsaber from Star Wars Canon or Legends and why?
I love Count Dooku’s curved lightsaber. It was my favorite as a child, and it’s still my favorite! I had a cheap toy lightsaber like it when I was a kid. I made it a priority to get one now. I’m very happy I did!

What’s next for you?
I’m currently pretty active in the Open Source community designing Smoothswing sound fonts for the Proffieboard. I have many plans for new sound fonts in the future as well as constantly updating and improving on current fonts. I thank everyone that buys my fonts and continues to support my work in all spectrums. In the words of Dooku, “This is just the beginning.”

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