3D Sabers Lightsaber Blade Plug Full Review: Reactor, Jedi, Sith

Let’s check out some lightsaber blade plugs from Etsy seller 3D Sabers. As a disclaimer, 3D Sabers sent me these blade plugs for free in order to review. The blade plugs from left to right are: Reactor, Jedi and Sith. 3D Sabers offers three additional designs, not shown, called: Rebel Alliance, Vector and Fusion.

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All 3D Sabers blade plugs are 1 inch in diameter and there are three length options: 1 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch. The top part of the blade plug is 3D printed plastic with color options including: silver, dark aluminum, steel, gold, copper and bright brass.

Illuminated 3D Sabers Lightsaber Blade Plugs (left to right): Reactor, Jedi, Sith

The top of the piece is sanded smooth, painted and clear coated. The 3D printing lines show a bit on the side, but that’s not visible when the blade plug is installed on the lightsaber hilt. The 3D printed top portion of the blade plug is attached to a standard, cylindrical plastic housing.

silver colored Jedi blade plug in aluminum hilt

The metallic colors look great on these blade plugs. I was surprised how well the the silvered colored blade plug matches the color of a standard aluminum hilt! The top of the blade plugs look metal even though they are plastic.

The 3D Sabers blade plugs are very inexpensive and competitively priced. All of the designs are under $10 (plus shipping) for their 1 inch long blade plugs.

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