What is a lightsaber display plaque? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A lightsaber display plaque is a nameplate or plaque made of a thin metal (usually aluminum) intended for labeling a lightsaber. Typically lightsaber enthusiasts will get a plaque for a Star Wars movie-inspired lightsaber design, although you could certainly get a display plaque for an original or customized lightsaber design as well.

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Lightsaber display plaques come in different shapes and sizes. Most are rectangular or rectangular with rounded corners. The plaque design itself can be highly customized. Plaques will commonly include an image or text or both. A display plaque may also include a blank box intended for a signature from a Star Wars actor or crew member.

The display plaque image will commonly include the character, the lightsaber, or the character using the lightsaber. The text on the plaque could includes information like: movie title, character name, character title (e.g. Jedi, Sith), weapon name (e.g. Lightsaber, Double-bladed Lightsaber), lightsaber condition (Weathered, As First Built By).

Display plaques add a museum-quality professionalism to a lightsaber collection. The plaque could sit separately from the lightsaber. A plaque could also be attached to a display box or stand.

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