Top 10 Scam Warning Signs: A Guide for Lightsaber Buyers

By Darth Pepsi Guest Contributor, YouTube Creator There is a psychology to collecting, a catharsis to spending money, and an extraordinary feeling of excitement after a long period of anticipation when your lightsaber finally arrives. In this digitally powered age of consumerism, powerful search engines, social media and word of mouth are powerful allies to … Read more

Lightsaber Battery Maintenance Tips: What You Should Know

If you haven’t used your lightsaber for more than 2 or 3 months, then you need to check the state of your batteries. Checking your batteries is part of routine lightsaber maintenance that helps prevent damaging the battery and, in some cases, damaging the lightsaber itself.

How to Apply a Leather Wrap to Your Lightsaber Hilt | DIY Lightsaber Tutorial

Learn how to add a leather wrap to your lightsaber hilt in this DIY lightsaber tutorial by Khal Jahromi from KR Sabers.

Is ‘light’ redundant in the word ‘lightsaber’?

CosplayCovers flame blade covers on a Kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber

By Foozy Guest Contributor Growing up as a kid in the 80s and 90s watching Star Wars, the term “lightsaber” was awesome, coupled with the noises, visuals and battles that took place with the awe-inspiring cinematic weapon for the sci-fi imagination. (Unfortunately, we only had those slide-out sabers from the mid-90s to have lightsaber duels … Read more

Shelf Queen, Cosplay and Dueling Quality Lightsabers: What You Need and What to Look For

lightsaber from various custom saber companies

By Stanley “Gong Gong Ui” ParkGuest Contributor Looking for a shelf queen, a cosplay prop or a dueling quality lightsaber suitable for competing in The Saber Legion (TSL)? Here are some things to consider in order to research and focus on the lightsaber hilt or prop that you need. Since most people want the best … Read more