The Pach Store Adds Proffieboard to Store (Limited Quantities)

The Pach Store released a limited quantity of Proffieboard in their store. Proffieboard is a open source lightsaber soundboard with neopixel support. The feature-packed board was developed by Fredrik Hubinette of Profezzorn Labs.

Due to strong demand, The Pach Store’s stock of Proffieboard will likely sell out quickly. As of the posting of the article, only 21 of the boards are still available for purchase.

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The Pach Store’s inventory of Proffieboard would ship from their Hong Kong warehouse via Hong Post, which arrives 5-14 days worldwide (tracking included).

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Proffieboard was originally sold as group buy in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums in August 2018. Several individuals and companies from the original Proffieboard group buy, now including The Pach Store, have been selling some of their boards within recent months.

The Proffieboard remains scare and in-demand among lightsaber enthusiasts. It’s unclear if or when an additional Proffieboard group buy will occur. Other parties are exploring manufacturing Proffieboard on more of an ongoing basis as well. Until a second group buy opens or Proffieboard is manufactured more consistently, the board’s price and availability will remain volatile.

The Pach Store

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pile of bagged Proffieboard

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