What is a razor blade plug? | Lightsaber Terminology

A razor blade plug is a style of lightsaber blade plug that incorporates a rotary shaver head into the design. The seller Darkside Engineering is probably the most well-known razor blade plug seller. Darkside Engineering sells his razor blade plugs, which are all 1 inch in diameter, in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums. Another TRA seller named ARKM sells 7/8 inch diameter razor blade plugs. ARKM is often credited as the originator of the razor blade plug style.

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Darkside Engineering Razor Blade plug
An illuminated razor blade plug, like this Darkside Engineering design, can look like a glowing engine.

Part of the appeal of a razor blade plug is the industrial sensibility of the style. Razor blade plugs, which are made of metal and often styled like a turbine or reactor, contribute a rugged realism to a lightsaber hilt even when they are not illuminated.

Razor blade plugs look even cooler when they are illuminated because the light shines through all of the small slots in the rotary shaver head.

Darkside Engineering is most well-known for making high quality razor blade plugs, ranging from basic to ornate. Darkside Engineering also offers the widest selection of 1 inch diameter razor blade plugs designs.

Other sellers offer razor blades plugs as well. ARKM sells the widest selection of 7/8 inch diameter razor blade plugs. Etsy seller RogueArsenal (United States) [AFFILIATE LINK] and Warsabers (Russia) also offer a few razor blade plug styles.

Some lightsaber enthusiasts will construct their own razor blade plug as a DIY project as well. In order to make a very basic razor blade plug, all you need to do is attach a rotary shaver head to a small segment of a polycarbonate tube.

COVER IMAGE: Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Blade Plug (left) and Darkside Engineering R2T-S2 Shredder (right)

List of Razor Blade Plug Sellers
ACLightsabers (Etsy) Malaysia static blade plug and neopixel blade plug
ARKM (The Rebel Armory seller) United States
Darkside Engineering (The Rebel Armory seller) United States
Rogue Arsenal (Etsy) United States

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