14 Lightsaber Blade Plugs You Should Know About

blade plugs from various custom saber companies

A lightsaber blade plug is a small, cylindrical piece that may be installed in a lightsaber blade socket when the blade is removed. A blade plug, which may range from basic to ornate in design, completes the look of a lightsaber hilt. Let’s look at the offerings of 14 different blade plug sellers. Which one … Read more

What is a turbine blade plug? | Lightsaber Terminology

turbine blade plug and a jet engine turbine

A turbine blade plug is a lightsaber blade plug design that’s inspired by or includes elements of the rotary mechanical devices you find on jet engines, in power plants or in other industrial settings. Turbine style blade plugs are a common style sold by many different custom saber companies. Unlike a traditional ‘static’ sword comprised of … Read more

What is a razor blade plug? | Lightsaber Terminology

Darkside Engineering Razor blade plugs

A razor blade plug is a style of lightsaber blade plug that incorporates a rotary shaver head into the design. The seller Darkside Engineering is probably the most well-known razor blade plug seller. Darkside Engineering sells his razor blade plugs, which are all 1 inch in diameter, in The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums. Another TRA … Read more

Lightsaber Blade Plugs: What’s the most money you should spend on a blade plug?

lightsaber blade plugs from various companies

How much money are you willing to spend on a lightsaber blade plug? Functionally, lightsaber blade plugs are meant to be installed in the lightsaber when you’ve removed the blade in order to block out most of the bright LED light so it doesn’t shine in someone’s eyes. But many lightsaber enthusiasts look for blade … Read more

Darkside Engineering R2T-S2 Shredder lightsaber razor blade plug Full review

Darkside Engineering R2T-S2 Shredder Blade Plug

The Darkside Engineering R2T-S2 Shredder Blade Plug is a razor blade style lightsaber blade plug. Darkside Engineering (DSE) sells the blade plug through The Rebel Armory (TRA) forums. Darkside Engineering is known for crafting over 20 styles of blade plugs, most of which utilize a rotary shaver head in the design. Watch Darkside Engineering R2T-S2 … Read more

Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Lightsaber Blade Plug review

Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Blade Plug

This is a Darkside Engineering R2TBB Limited Edition Brass Blade Plug. Darkside Engineering (DSE) sells this blade plug, along with a variety of razor blade plug designs, in The Rebel Armory forums (formerly known as Imperial Royal Arms). Darkside Engineering is most well-known for making razor blade plugs, which incorporate a rotary shaver head into the … Read more