Lightsaber Blade Plugs: What’s the most money you should spend on a blade plug?

How much money are you willing to spend on a lightsaber blade plug? Functionally, lightsaber blade plugs are meant to be installed in the lightsaber when you’ve removed the blade in order to block out most of the bright LED light so it doesn’t shine in someone’s eyes. But many lightsaber enthusiasts look for blade plugs that add style and flare to their lightsaber as well.

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Inexpensive Lightsaber Blade Plugs (under $10)

On the cheap end, you find some lightsaber blade plugs for $6. Ultrasabers sells a standard blade plug for $6 (UPDATE 9/10/2018: Ultrasabers raised the price on the standard blade plug to $9).

Malaysia based Sabertrio also sells an inexpensive blade plug for only $5, although the item by itself costs $18 for international shipping to United States, so buying a Sabertrio blade plug by itself may be impractical.

Midrange Lightsaber Blade Plugs ($10-$29)
The vast majority of lightsaber blade plugs are priced between $10 and $25. Etsy seller Outer Rim Sabers sells a 3D printed blade plug called The Flame [AFFILIATE LINK] for $10. Saberforge blade plugs range in price from around $10 to $15. The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) sells blade plugs from $14 to $20. Ebay seller defconbird [AFFILIATE LINK] also sells many blade plugs priced around $20.

High-end Lightsaber Blade Plugs ($30-$100+)
Once you pass the $30 mark, you’re often paying for blade plugs that use more expensive materials like titanium or a have a higher level of craftsmanship, customization or complexity. The majority of blade plugs offered by Darkside Engineering, a seller on The Rebel Armory forums, are priced between $30 up to $95. Etsy seller Sith Bunny [AFFILIATE LINK] sells blade plugs for $30.

Blade Plugs for Any Price Range
There really is a blade plug for just about any price range, starting at $5 for the Sabertrio blade plug up to a $95 for a Darkside Engineering Shredder blade plug with Titanium Ring and Titanium Core. Of course, a DIYer could make their own blade plug as well.

Some of the midrange and high-end blade plugs do look very clean and professional. At the same time, some of the inexpensive blade plugs look simple, elegant and get the job done.

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How much are you willing to spend on a blade plug? What are your favorite blade plug designs?

BLADE PLUGS IN IMAGE [Contains Affiliate Links]
Outer Rim Sabers The Flame Blade Plug
Bottom (left to right):
Ultrasabers Standard Blade Plug
Saberforge ASP Blade Plug 4
Saberforge Elite SF Blade Plug (two toned) [Discontinued?]
1″ Hilt safety plug – Style 2 (KR Sabers, from The Custom Saber Shop)
1″ Hilt safety plug – Style 4 (KR Sabers, from The Custom Saber Shop)
Darkside Engineering R2T-S2 Shredder aluminum ring and aluminum cone blade plug

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