Ultrasabers lightsabers with LE SE and CE designations: What’s the difference?

If you browse through the Ultrasabers product page, you might notice that some of the lightsabers say ‘SE’ or ‘LE’ or ‘CE’ at the end of their name. Let’s walk through the meaning of those terms.

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Ultrasabers LE (Limited Edition) lightsaber hilts

Ultrasabers ‘Limited Edition’ lightsabers do not seem to be limited in quantity or availability, but ‘LE’ does still have a meaning. An Ultrasabers ‘LE’ lightsaber will have different color accent marks on the lightsaber’s grip and by the emitter. For example, an Apprentice LE V4 lightsaber is predominantly metallic with some gold colored accents in the grip and emitter area. A standard Apprentice V4 is a solid metallic colored hilt. Dark side hilts function in a similar way. The Dark Sentinel LE V4 is a solid blade hilt with silver accent marks in the grip and emitter area. A standard Dark Sentinel V4 would be solid black everywhere on the hilt.

Ultrasabers SE (Special Edition) lightsaber hilts

‘SE’, or ‘Special Edition’, doesn’t appear to mean anything at all. The term ‘SE’ is attached to some mid-range to high-end lightsaber. Seems like Ultrasabers is only using the term ‘SE’ to make the lightsaber name sound a little cooler and more prestigious. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing special or unique about Special Edition lightsabers.

Ultrasabers CE (Collector’s Edition) lightsaber hilts

Many of the Ultrasabers lightsabers that say ‘CE’ are nickel plated or have the option to be nickel plated. There’s one notable exception. The Mantis CE does not appear to be nickel plated at all so it doesn’t really seem appropriate to use the ‘CE’ designation.

* * *
List of Ultrasabers LE (Limited Edition) lightsaber hilts:
Apprentice LE V4 / Dark Apprentice LE V4
Initiate LE V2 / Dark Initiate LE V2
Initiate LE V3 / Dark Initiate LE V3
Initiate LE V4 / Dark Initiate LE V4
Aeon LE V2 / Dominix LE V2
Aeon LE V3 / Dominix LE V3
Aeon LE V4 / Dominix LE V4
Sentinel LE V4 / Dark Sentinel LE V4
Brood Guard LE
Shock LE
Flamberge LE
Renegade LE

List of Ultrasabers SE (Special Edition) lightsaber hilts:
Brood Guard SE
Menace SE
Graflex SE
Chosen One SE
Flamberge SE
Renegade SE

List of Ultrasabers CE (Collector’s Edition) lightsaber hilts:
Manticore CE
Mantis CE (not nickle plated)
Menace CE
Graflex CE
Chosen One CE
Flamberge CE
* * *
Do you have any Ultrasabers LE, SE or CE lightsabers? What do you think about the naming conventions?

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