Shiny Chrome Lightsabers: Everything You Need to Know

Chrome lightsabers feature a chrome finish, or chrome-like finish, in order to create a shiny, reflective and glossy appearance. Often applied to an aluminum hilt, the bright and vibrant finish gives a lightsaber hilt a high-end, premium vibe like a hot rod. The eye-catching attractiveness of the shiny finish makes chrome a favorable finish for … Read more

Ultrasabers lightsabers with LE SE and CE designations: What’s the difference?

Ultrasabers lightsabers, various hilt models

If you browse through the Ultrasabers product page, you might notice that some of the lightsabers say ‘SE’ or ‘LE’ or ‘CE’ at the end of their name. Let’s walk through the meaning of those terms. Ultrasabers LE (Limited Edition) lightsaber hilts Ultrasabers ‘Limited Edition’ lightsabers do not seem to be limited in quantity or … Read more