Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber (LOTR Witch King Inspired) | New Saber Alert

Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber (Sauron Inspired)

Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a mashup design, is inspired by the Witch King, Sauron’s second-in-command, from the Lord of the Rings series. Like the company’s previously released Survivor lightsaber, The Dark King Lightsaber exterior is mostly aluminum cast. Blue Force Sabers offers the bold and aggressive … Read more

14 Lightsaber Blade Plugs You Should Know About

blade plugs from various custom saber companies

A lightsaber blade plug is a small, cylindrical piece that may be installed in a lightsaber blade socket when the blade is removed. A blade plug, which may range from basic to ornate in design, completes the look of a lightsaber hilt. Let’s look at the offerings of 14 different blade plug sellers. Which one … Read more

How to Apply a Leather Wrap to Your Lightsaber Hilt | DIY Lightsaber Tutorial

Learn how to add a leather wrap to your lightsaber hilt in this DIY lightsaber tutorial by Khal Jahromi from KR Sabers.

It’s a Wrap!: 3 Common Types of Wrap for Lightsaber Hilts

lightsaber wrap

Adding a wrap to a lightsaber hilt grip section can make a lightsaber easier to handle and maneuver while enhancing the personality and charm of the hilt as well. Let’s examine 3 common types of wraps for lightsaber hilts. 1. Leather Wrap for Lightsabers A leather wrap (or faux leather wrap) is a one of … Read more

What is a turbine blade plug? | Lightsaber Terminology

turbine blade plug and a jet engine turbine

A turbine blade plug is a lightsaber blade plug design that’s inspired by or includes elements of the rotary mechanical devices you find on jet engines, in power plants or in other industrial settings. Turbine style blade plugs are a common style sold by many different custom saber companies. Unlike a traditional ‘static’ sword comprised of … Read more

defconbird: Saber Bags, Blade Plugs and Leather Wrap | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

defconbird saber bag and blade plugs

defconbird is a United States based eBay seller that specializes custom lightsaber accessories including: saber bags, blade plugs and leather wrap. defconbird, an eBay member since 2002, has earned a feedback score of over 13,000. Blade Plugs [Find defconbird blade plugs on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]Many defconbird blade plugs have a mechanical appearance with a turbine or … Read more

REVIEW defconbird Custom Saber Bag Full Review | Lightsaber Storage

defconbird saber bag

A popular item by eBay seller defconbird is his Custom Saber Bag, which protects and stores custom lightsaber hilts. Although I purchased this saber bag myself, I’ve gotten some blade plugs for free from defconbird to review (just a small disclaimer/disclosure). defconbird on eBay affiliate link The Custom Saber Bag is a drawstring storage … Read more

defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine Lightsaber Blade Plug Gunmetal Blue full review

defconbird chrom ring turbine lightsaber blade plug

This is a defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine lightsaber blade plug [AFFILIATE LINK] in Gunmetal Blue. As a disclaimer, eBay seller defconbird did send me this blade plug for free in order to review so thank you very much for that! Watch defconbird Chrome Ring Turbine Lightsaber Blade Plug Gunmetal Blue Gow Core full review eBay seller on YouTube: This is … Read more

defconbird Mechanical Design Brass lightsaber blade plug full review

defconbird mechanical brass blade plug

This is a Custom Lightsaber Blade Plug Mechanical Design Brass Multi Ring Glow Core [AFFILIATE LINK] by eBay seller defconbird. As a disclaimer, defconbird did send me this blade plug for free in order to review–thank you very much, defconbird. Watch defconbird Mechanical Design Brass Multi Ring Glow Core lightsaber blade plug full review eBay on YouTube … Read more

Lightsaber Blade Plugs: What’s the most money you should spend on a blade plug?

lightsaber blade plugs from various companies

How much money are you willing to spend on a lightsaber blade plug? Functionally, lightsaber blade plugs are meant to be installed in the lightsaber when you’ve removed the blade in order to block out most of the bright LED light so it doesn’t shine in someone’s eyes. But many lightsaber enthusiasts look for blade … Read more